I’m Taking All the Roads – and the Blogs

Two Roads

Many roads diverged in the woods. And I?
I took all of them!

It appears that I have become a blogger with a WordPress problem. Or is that a WordPresser with a blog problem? I can’t stop creating blogs! Last year about this time I started my second blog, Reading Today, to test the accepted notion that having a platform is a “must-have” for driving blog traffic and to explore the WordPress blogosphere. My first blog, Friffle Thoughts, was hosted on Blogger at the time and had a beautiful following of family and friends but wasn’t reaching anywhere else. I figured if Reading Today was a positive experience, I’d move Friffle Thoughts over.

Done and done.

Reading Today introduced me to an eclectic and diverse network of book readers and book bloggers. My “To Be Read” pile is out of control, and I love it. I can confirm that a platform can enhance your blog interaction – so does having it in a good host community. I also appreciate that it focused my writing. The blog was for reading – books, texts, signs, and otherwise. It is sufficiently broad within those parameters but strictly defined. A platform is a good idea after all and WordPress is, based only on my experience, a better blog host and blog community than Blogger.

Within a few months Friffle Thoughts moved to a WordPress site. The move went smoothly, and I had fun (continue to have fun) tweaking widgets and meeting other bloggers. Even without a perceivable platform other than sharing life, I found an active and vibrant community.

Still, in both cases I was writing casually and without much consideration to style. At the same time I was exploring the realities of working as a freelance writer. I had a few pieces published and realized that neither blog accurately reflected this endeavor. Quietly, the idea of hosting another website percolated.

And now, one year later, I have started my third blog. I realize this makes me nuts. It’s entirely likely that all the blogs will morph into this one and I’ll pare down my activities eventually but for now three should keep me busy. Most certainly it means I will have to manage my posting schedules more closely.

So, welcome to my “official” blog. I will post periodically on subjects related to the freelance areas that I hope to participate more in and on writing in general. I will pass along news about published pieces and any other appropriate updates related to my experience with freelance writing. I’ll also be updating my Facebook Page to reflect this website – though I’ll post updates on my other blogs there as well – look for that announcement soon.

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