I Am From: Three of My Favorite People Share

I posted last week a writing exercise that I completed from Mary Pipher’s Writing to Change the World. Three of my favorite people in the world, my husband, my best friend from college, and my youngest sister wrote their own versions.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

From my husband, Nick Vincent

I am from the heart of the Blue Ridge and the heartland of America

From the corn fields of Iowa and tobacco rows of the Old Dominion

I’m from front row Amens and backrow doxology

I am from Smithfield Ham and Lexington BBQ

I am from Coke and Soda; ya’ll and you

I’m from a Wahoo nation in a Hokie world

I am from a teacher, banker, counter, soldier, farmer, mother, and musician

I am from a Walmart kiss and a hypothetic proposal

I am from a long wait in a delivery room and an agonizing 20 minutes

I’m from Lynchburg, always will be.

From my best friend, Anush Djaniants

(She is originally from Armenia and wroter hers about her life before coming to the U.S. (1981-1992))

I am from clay made by the hands of an Artist
I am from science discovered by men
From the stars by the name of ram
And from the two people called mom and dad

I am from a nation with no happy melodies
I am from a person who was once blonde and blue eyed
I am from the Caspian and from Ararat
I am from different tongue and culture

I am from engineers, pianists, chemists, and a carpenter
From not knowing the man upstairs to
Not understanding Him not existing

I am from fresh foods on the table
To live music at night
From the rides on my father’s shoulders
To grandmother’s kisses goodnight

I am from theaters, operas, circus
As young as the age of 5
From boulevards, ice cream and family
Not far away from my life

I am from ballet classes, piano lessons, and gymnastics
To singing and dancing to being
I am from – aristocracy one side will say
The other will not mention it
Because we’re all made of clay

I am from the disciplined belt
That found its way to my rear
I am from spending hours in corners
When mom screamed a time out for real

I am from dark nights in the basement
Listening to tanks on the street
Waiting to see father again
So that I am able to breathe

I am from war and secrets
That as a child I didn’t understand
Because my mother made it all fun and games
And kept my innocence in place

I am from rich to pauper
From silk outfits to cotton
From a home into a refugee camp
From lots of food on the table to nothing left
But a cramp

I am from surviving the earthquake
To watching dead bodies on the road
To hearing women cry for their children
And from the noises that will never leave me

I am from endless days without water or heat
And daily studying by candle light
I am from being a helping seed
And for praying every night

I am from an answered prayer of a miracle lottery
That allowed me to come to the States
And give me a hope for tomorrow
To live, to learn, and to grow.

From my youngest sister, Rachel
Blog post at lifeinjoyfuljuxtaposition.

***My life is enriched by so many people. Thank you Nick, Anush and Rachel for sharing yours!

One thought on “I Am From: Three of My Favorite People Share

  1. OK, seriously. First his excellent chalkboard art and now his inner poet comes out? Are you sure you married an engineer? 😉 Loved reading his AND DJ’s! Such excellent insights into what makes both of them who they are.

    And thanks for the pingback! I’m still trying to figure it out but I think I approved it so that people could click on your link 🙂

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