Friday Fiction: “Big Day for Busy Hands”

Today’s Friday Fiction entry is a children’s book piece. I started writing this eons ago with big hopes and then let it sit for a while. Now, in the throes of several other WIP’s this one seems like a fun writing exercise but not something I’d send out to potential agents (for several reasons).

Good news for a blog needing a post though!

My main reason for loving this piece is all the verbs that it produced. I started writing it with the general concept of how children use their hands and then threw in the challenge not to use the same verb twice. This was daunting considering that most children don’t keep their hands still. In the end, I rhymed my way through the day of a child with over 60 unique verbs. 

So, if you have small children or know a teacher of small children who would like to go through the motions of over 60 things that their hands do while exploring some fun vocabulary, have at it. Or, if by some strange alignment of the planets you just so happen to be looking for a strong verb to insert in you WIP that has to do with the movement of a person’s hands, this could be your lucky day.


“Big Day for Busy Hands”

WC: 290


Look at my hands

They wiggle and touch.

Look at my hands

They do so much.


Fingers to count and

Palms to clap.

Fists to bump and

High-fives to slap.


Fingers to point and

Fingers to tickle.

Thumbs-up to give and

Thumbs to twiddle.


Shorts to hoist and

Zippers to zip.

Shirt to tuck and

Snaps to clip.


Hair to comb and

Teeth to brush.

Nose to wipe and

Toilet to flush.


Cup to tilt and

Banana to peel.

Cracker to choose and

Hot or cold to feel.


Grapes to pluck and

Carrots to dip.

Napkin to wring and

Spoon to grip.


Book to hold and

Pages to turn.

Cushion to squeeze and

Textures to learn.


Balls to toss and

Blocks to stack.

Strings to knot and

Towers to whack.


Paint to smear and

Clay to mold.

Papers to color and

Corners to fold.


Maracas to shake

And drums to bang.

Piano to plink and

Cymbals to clang.


Shoes to tie and

Sunscreen to apply.

Doorknob to twist and

A wave for bye-bye.


Flowers to poke

And leaves to tap.

Kitties to pet and

Doggies to pat.


Grass to yank and

Rocks to crack.

Sand to dig and

Mud to smack.


Sticks to pile and

Dandelions to pick.

Fireflies to catch and

Ants to flick.


Water to splash and

Soap to scrub.

Bubbles to pop and

Towels to rub.


Pillow to fluff and

Blanket to bundle.

Covers to pull and

Teddy to cuddle.


Look at my hands

Hiding a yawn.

Look at my hands

Rest until dawn.

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