Big Thank You to the WordPress Community


I wrote a post about swearing. I said reading and writing shouldn’t use a conspicuous amount of swear words to make a point or get attention. For example sake, I used more swear words in that post than all of my other posts combined. And it got Freshly Pressed. Kinda stepped all over my argument there so maybe a post on irony is due soon?

Nevertheless, a big thank you to the WordPress community. I mean, I knew you guys were great, but the outpouring of likes and followers and comments has been so much fun. 

To my new readers I should probably manage expectations now so you have fair warning what you’ve gotten into. I read and write as much as I can. Sometimes, such as September seems to be, I can be pretty consistent. Often, I go missing for weeks or months at a time. I’ve got two little ones at home that are my first priority, and they require a lot of time and attention at this stage. I read books in different areas – both fiction and non-fiction. Sometimes I write “Book Notes” about them. These are pseudo-reviews. I give what I liked, what I didn’t, etc. I also write in my free time. Sometimes this translates to blog posts (yay!). Sometimes I work on manuscripts for children’s books. Sometimes I work on my fiction WIP. Sometimes essays. Sometimes social media….

Speaking of social media, if you’re interested in connecting elsewhere, here’s my info: I’m on Goodreads as Rebecca Vincent; find me on Twitter @RRVincent; and, I just started an Instagram account @readwritenow. I’m hit or miss on those places too, but I’m there.

Thank you all again for stopping by, for clicking the star, and for commenting. I look forward to perusing your blogs and keeping in touch!

Happy Weekend!

4 Responses to “Big Thank You to the WordPress Community”

    • RebeccaV

      Thanks – I have no idea how you do all this social media stuff and find time to write! Thanks for being one of my original followers and sticking around 😊


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