Photo Essay: Literary Where You Live

A photo essay from the literary spaces and such in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. 


On the path leading to the Main Branch of our library system are several quotes from authors and creative types about writing and books and libraries and such.


These fun, large, typewriter keys are outside our amazing children’s library, Imaginon. A small, fun, literary place to climb and play.

Our children’s library – Imaginon.


This looks like my To-Be-Read pile right about now. Several giant stacks of books adorn the lawn in a space called “The Green” located in the heart of the city.


These fun signs are also located around The Green.


Part of The Wall Poems of Charlotte. I laugh every time I read this picture.

The Wall Poems of Charlotte




Another great installment from The Wall Poems of Charlotte. Excellently situated above my favorite restaurant: Dandelion Market.

Okay, this link has nothing to do with literary anything – the only thing you need to read is the menu – but if you’re in Charlotte, this is a scrumptious place to eat. I recommend the Sweet & Spicy Green Beans and everything else at the Dandelion Market.


And here’s to all my writer-readers, let’s hope we’re all working on the very best variety of books!




I thought this is what Disney means, but I guess it works well for fiction, too.

7 Responses to “Photo Essay: Literary Where You Live”

    • RebeccaV

      Thanks – I almost lost my girls a couple times trying to read the quotes and line up the photos but I think they turned out ok 😉


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