Spider: A Counting Rhyme Not for Children

Inspiration in our backyard.

Inspiration in our backyard.

Inspiration in our backyard.

Two legs, two legs

Stand up tall.


Four legs, four legs

Hoof or paw.


Six legs, six legs

Itty-bitty bug.


Eight legs, eight legs

Squash that mug.

10 Responses to “Spider: A Counting Rhyme Not for Children”

  1. ibeaheard

    Reblogged this on ibeaheard and commented:
    This is so cute…and a helpful way to teach a child…Had to post it…check out some the other posts by this blogger!

    • RebeccaV

      Haha- do pass it on. I say it’s educational for counting by two’s and learning about bugs. My empathy towards spiders is admittedly lacking though 😄😯

  2. Dr. Oscar A. Williams, Jr.

    Brings back memories of elementary school days. I thought spiders and roaches were cool. Now I can’t stand the site of them. See a brown reclus spider, smash, smash, smash!

    • RebeccaV

      I confess to never being fond of them, and if I’m truly honest it is more likely that I am cheering someone else to kill the spider while I run in the other direction! Smash! Smash! Indeed!


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