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Saturday Snuggles: Seven Spools of Thread by Angela Shelf Medearis


When you head to the library or bookstore this weekend with the kiddos, keep an eye out for Seven Spools of Thread by Angela Shelf Medearis and illustrated by Daniel Minter.

This is the story of seven brothers who spend all their time arguing and fighting with one another. When their father dies he leaves them an inheritance but only if they can complete a challenge. The challenge is to take seven spools of thread and spin them into gold without arguing or fighting. If they can do it by sunset, then they will receive their inheritance. 

They decide to create a cloth unlike any others worn in the village. Their risk pays off in a big way and attracts the attention of the King’s treasurer. When they exchange the cloth for a bag of gold they rush back to the Chief. The lessons they learn extended beyond working together and the brothers work to improve their community. A tribute to their father.

A good story on working together and giving back with bold illustrations.


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