Book Spine Poetry: Hope

Typically I refer my Instagram followers to the blog for more information on posts that might be of interest. Today, I’m taking something from Instagram for a blog post. April is National Poetry Month so I have been digging into a couple collections that have long been on my TBR pile – Counting Descent by Clint Smith and The Wasteland and Other Poems by T.S. Eliot. I also stumbled upon the children’s poet Bob Raczka and requested copies of all his books from the library.

Special months devoted to literary pursuits tend to generate fun tags (or maybe I just pay more attention to them) and great recommendations. One of the tags I bumped into was #bookspinepoetry. This is when you stack books so that their titles form a poem of sorts. I’m still no poet, but the challenge was too much fun to resist. So, I include for your enjoyment, inspiration, and/or cringing my first attempt at Book Spine Poetry. I don’t know if these are supposed to have titles or not, but if they are I would probably keep it simple with: “Hope.”

The middle of everywhere

War and peace

Seeking refuge

From the garden to the city

Things fall apart



a long way gone


The sun also rises


Strength to love

Remembering laughter


In the most beautiful life


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