Chatting with The Parchment Girl: Over Twenty Book Recommendations

Yep, that’s my face over at The Parchment Girl as her monthly Featured Book Blogger. Her interview questions were so good I dropped over twenty book titles that are favorites or recommendations. Plus I admit openly to being a pop culture failure and that despite my mother’s delicious and fantastically creative efforts with homemade icing on cakes, I still prefer ice cream. It was so much fun to work through the questions and reflect on books in a different mindset.

But don’t just head over there to read more about me, take a look at her site and plunk yourself in a chair for an hour or two to explore it. She has excellent series on book blogging and engaging with social media, book reviews, book swag, and bookish posts on a range of topics that integrate popular culture and literary perspective. Good stuff all around. Go say “Hi!”

For beautiful pictures of books, follow her on Instagram: @parchmentgirl

For cultivating great lists of books to read, follow her on Pinterest: Parchment Girl | Books + Reading

Or for articles, snippets of book news, and other book-loving tweets, find her on Twitter @parchmentgirl37

And, of course, she’s on Goodreads. Follow her for book reviews and reading ideas! Kate Scott (parchmentgirl)


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