Finding New Authors: Taking 2017 into 2018

This year I have had the pleasure of reading several authors who have been new-to-me. These authors have multiple books to their credit, but 2017 was the year that I became aware of their stories and styles. Today, I’m making a list of authors whose works I would like to read more of in the future based on whatever book of theirs I happened to enjoy this year. A list of recommendations for your own TBR, and a peek at what I plan to use my holiday money for.

Ali Smith: Autumn
Future TBR: Winter, The Accidental, Public Library and Other Stories 

Rebecca West: Black Lamb and Grey Falcon (in progress)
Future TBR: The Return of the SoldierA Train of Powder

Nadeem Aslam: The Golden Legend
Future TBR: The Blind Man’s Garden, Maps for Lost Lovers, Season of the Rainbirds

Min Jin Lee: Pachinko
Future TBR: Free Food for Millionaires

Wisława Szymborska: Here
Future TBR: Map: Collected and Last Poems, Nonrequired Reading: Prose Pieces

Evelyn Waugh: The Loved One
Future TBR: Brideshead Revisited, Sword of Honor, Scoop

Carolyn Custis James: Half the Church
Future TBR: When Life and Beliefs CollideThe Gospel of Ruth: Loving God Enough to Break the Rules

Yi Mun-yol: Meeting with My Brother
Future TBR: Son of Man, The Poet

Have you read any new-to-you authors this year that you’ll be reading more of in the near future? Have you read any of these or have any suggestions about which ones to read first?

In any case, 2018 is shaping up to be another full year of reading!

3 Responses to “Finding New Authors: Taking 2017 into 2018”

  1. Carrie Rubin

    I discovered Angela Marsons DI Kim Stone thriller series. I love it. I’ve only read two so far, because I have so many other books in my queue, but I can’t wait to get to the third one.


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