Book Note: How To Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig


I gushed on Instagram (at least as close as I can say I’ve ever gotten to “gushing” about something) about How To Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig. Thought it might be worthwhile to continue the gushing over here. This book doesn’t fall into any of my 2018 goal categories, but it’s typical for my reading to shoot all over the place.

Recently my husband and I decided to give homeschooling a try for our two girls. This decision has been in and out of our minds for a couple years now, since our eldest started school, and we’ve finally decided to take the plunge. With that decision comes added responsibility to create a learning environment and structure that will allow us to inform and challenge our students/daughters. One area that I wanted to begin cultivating is their understanding of Shakespeare. I don’t remember how this book came to my attention, but it is the perfect read on the topic. 

Taken straight from my Instagram gushing:

His [Ludwig’s] practical approaches for memorization are accessible, his explanations of passages and plays are age-appropriate, and his qualifications as scholar and playwright blend seamlessly with his hands-on experience as a parent. Nevertheless it is his infectious enthusiasm for Shakespeare and his firm belief that memorizing the language of the Bard empowers children to wrestle with the emotions and changes and situations in life both now and onward that create a book that is resource, inspiration, and good reading. This is our library’s copy, but I will be purchasing my own very soon. Highly recommend if you are parenting or teaching children…or if you are just interested in Shakespeare. I fall into both categories and learned so much myself that I am confident the latter application is completely reasonable for those wishing to go beyond a first reading.

Done. Great book. Highly recommend.



4 Responses to “Book Note: How To Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig”

    • rebeccarvincent

      Honestly, about halfway through I realized I was learning more about Shakespeare than anything else. Since it’s geared towards equipping people to teach their kids, it’s right at Shakespeare-understanding level 😄😏

  1. colorfulbookreviews

    I’m really glad you posted about this book – I’ve seen it around but didn’t think much of it as we have plenty of Shakespeare books. However, I would love to read a book about getting kids to love and memorize his work. I was partly home educated and have a love of the bard, but the kids are not at all interested. We even have multiple copies of the most popular plays for group read-alouds!


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