Gobsmacked at 5000!

This is, by far, the biggest thank you note I’ve ever written – or at least the one with the widest reach. I’m still around even though it seems as though I’ve been hibernating on the blogging front. And I have seen new followers connect with Reviews & Revisions despite my negligence. I am shocked and grateful. The WP community has always been and still is a great place to be!

This blog continues to be a place for occasional bookish and writing-ish related posts. It has ebbed and flowed through robust content seasons and droughts (of which I am in right now). Before I started writing I had to be mindful that this was not intended, and I could not (yet) allow it, to be a full-time commitment. It’s just a personal outlet to challenge myself and others to read more and to cultivate pleasure in writing. That is still where I am. And yes, I realize this goes against the conventional wisdom of successful blogging, but it is where I need to be and where I will stay until otherwise inclined. Which makes this entire post even more surprising and my gratitude so much fuller. 

About halfway into my blogging foray on this account I had a post picked up by the WordPress folks who determine Freshly Pressed picks (I’m not even sure this is a thing anymore?). In any case, their selection of Everything I Need to Know About Swearing I Learned in High School shot my comments and followers through the ceiling. I was stunned by the response for a solid year. In the post I made an argument for authors to be strategic in their use of swearing in their writing – that less is more. Some interpreted it that I was arguing against swearing at all (which I wasn’t), some confessed they swore a lot in real life, others disagreed or agreed with the general premise. It was fun all around.

Since then I’ve had new followers come in over the years in swoops and trickles, and I am gobsmacked that I can actually say I have reached 5,000 followers! You guys are amazing! All 5,000 of you! Thank you! When you do drop a comment or note, I appreciate it and look forward to responding. When I get online to sift through my blog reading I love seeing new faces/sites to check out and new books to explore. The writing at Reviews & Revisions comes and goes with the seasonal changes of my life, but it is such a pleasure. Thank you for being a part of it and for your reading and participation. 

Over the years I have had the pleasure of connecting with myriad bloggers and readers and writers. My to-be-read pile runneth over from all your thoughtful recommendations. I hope that will continue. I hope I return the favor.



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