About Me:

I started reading when I was little. My favorite series was The Happy Hollisters – big family of siblings solving mysteries. My mom had a full set from when she was a little girl. I’ve read a couple with my daughter and laughed out loud at some of the antiquated words and phrases, but the storytelling, setting, and characters are still enjoyable.

I kept journals and diaries sporadically in middle and high school, but I never had any ambition to “be a writer.” In fact, when I was growing up, I think I wanted to be a secretary so I could answer phones and type on clicky-clacky button-machines (This was the 80’s. Think: calculators). tree-hugging

Now, I shudder to think of accepting a job that requires me to answer the phone regularly—I don’t even do it in my own life.  However, my clicky-clacky button-machine-pushing interest has led me to a keyboard, and I find that suitable. My secretarial interests have passed, but I do love spending my time making clicky-clack noise (and, yes, I am a loud typist—sorrynotsorry).

My interests have blended to occupy whatever free time I can find either reading or writing and pursuing an ever-widening scope of subjects. I read children’s books to literary fiction. I would not have discovered my authorial aspirations if I had not first started reading. Likewise, I cannot imagine continuing to pursue creative writing without a constant stream of literature trickling, dripping, or roaring into my internal world.

Nevertheless, since I am not one of the blessed multitudes of writers who say they have always wanted to be one, it came as a bit of shock when I started putting stories down, paying attention to dialogue, structure, setting, and the likes. And so, I blog about writing, too.

Welcome readers, writers, and friends.

About This Site:
Make yourself comfortable. Here’s a quick tour of this space. My blog focuses on topics related to reading and writing. I believe there is a close connection between being a better writer and being a better reader, and that’s why I include a page with My Bookshelf. I am always open to recommendations! 

Keep the comments coming from many angles and perspectives but always civil. If a comment is made with an attitude or language I wouldn’t accept from my children, then I’m not going to accept it here either. Be respectful of other people and ideas when adding your own thoughts to a conversation.